Case Studies and Testimonials

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 educator's feedback

Value Recognition -  Senior Executive Team

Of those senior education executives who have experience with the QTLE tools and services, 

many were surprised at the rich depth of information that the surveys provided about the 

entire facility portfolio.  The data gathering and analysis processes provided an important 

catalyst for engaging the key stakeholders in an overdue, and meaningful dialogue about 

how the physical environment affects a myriad of mission-based activities.  It also allowed 

the organization to make significant strides in creating improved alignment between the 

facility team, the finance team, and the education team.  

Senior executives gained a better understanding about how physical quality of the teaching 

and learning environment has the potential to impact student outcomes, teacher and 

student absenteeism, staff turn-over, and school climate.  This new appreciation about the importance of the physical teaching and learning environment provided the foundation for viewing school renewal as a strategic tool for achieving the educational mission of the organization.  

Translating the importance of this value to the Board of Trustees was considered a critical step in the organizational change process.




Value Recognition - Principals

Principals not only responded well to receiving valuable information about the physical quality of the teaching and learning environments within their building, they saw this as a roadmap for setting clear expectations between teachers and the facility team regarding facility renewal investments.  For the first time, prioritizing future investments in school facilities could now be built on reliable information about leverage the physical quality of school facilities as yet another driver in achieving the academic mission.  Using this data to filter conflicting personal opinions and preferences made the conversation about facility improvement needs practical and defensible.

Value Recognition - Teachers

The extensive data gathered from teachers and principals clarified that 98.3% of educators view facility management as an important element in maintaining a positive school climate and in minimizing the physical hindrances that could impede quality teaching and learning.  Within the 600 plus school facilities now included in the QTLE database, less than 3% of the teachers and principals survey felt they had any of the qualifications needed to plan and manage the facility renewal process, and therefore placed a high level of value on the role of the facilities team. Since the QTLE survey instruments intentionally narrow the educators feedback to those physical hindrances that are clearly connected to the quality of teaching and learning environment, personal preferences are filtered out at the action-planning stage.  

Given that the QTLE survey processes request educators feedback based on a clear understanding of the limits associated with time, money, and portfolio-wide priorities. educators are able to contribute their feedback without an unrealistic expectation that all of their hindrances will be eliminated.  As a result, when educators are later recruited to participate in , and help drive the low-cost, no-cost school-based campaigns, they do so with a shared accountability for mitigating physical hindrances.  (MORE)